Community Kitchens Vernon

About Us

What Is Community Kitchens?

The idea behind Community Kitchens is to bring together a group of people to learn how to cook healthy, affordable meals.Community Kitchens is open to anyone in the community with an interest in cooking!

Groups cook low cost meals that cost $1/portion to prepare. It's free to go, you pay $1/portion of food if you want to take food home.

The program has been running since 1991 in the North Okanagan.There are groups in Vernon, Armstrong, Enderby, Salmon Arm, Cherryville, and Lumby. 

Cooking skills, nutrition and food safety are included in the session.  The chefs use a variety of recipes and food items to introduce local and international recipes and ingredients.


This project is tailored anyone in the community with interest! Specifically it appeals to seniors, young parents, clients of the mental health system who live independently, grandparents raising their grandchildren, and people who access the food bank regularly. Participants meet to learn how to cook new recipes, learn new skills and then take their meals home.

Survey Says....

In a recent survey participants were asked what they have gained from Community Kitchens. The top 6 answers were:

·         I can stretch my food dollar farther than I used to

·         We eat less take out and packaged food

·         I cook more often than I used to

·         My kids are eating healthier foods such as more vegetables

·         I am cooking foods at home that are new to my family such as lentils and beans

·         I am aware of/using more local produce such as the good food box and the farmer’s market

To see the positive effects of Community Kitchens is a wonderful feeling. As well, continued expansion and interest in the program speaks volumes to the need for this service. As food prices climb people need to continuously adapt in order to eat affordably. Community Kitchens tries to show people how to cook healthy meals that cost $1.00/portion.


Supporting Local

The chefs and volunteers at Community Kitchens are also committed to supporting local farmers, growers and services. By using Community Gardens, farmer's markets, the Good Food Box and other local venues, Community Kitchens raises awareness and support for shopping & using local as well. Many local farmers have supported Community Kitchens by donating foods and produce as well.

Registered Charity

Community Kitchens is run under North Okanagan United Way. The United Way can be found at